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Book Pioneer Square's Back Private Room



$ 50 per hour for bookings Service charge and tax included.

Outside Food:

We cannot accommodate outside food and drink for reservations under 4 hours, guests are welcome to order beverages and doughnuts from our menu.

Guests may bring outside food for reservations over 4 hours. Pioneer Square General Porpoise can provide napkins and water service. We kindly request that guests provide their own utensils and plates. Compostable plates and utensils are recommended.

We are not licensed to serve alcohol. No alcoholic beverages are allowed during daytime bookings.

After-Hours Reservations:

The cafe manager may allow reservations to extend beyond normal business hours at their discretion. The manager will inform the guests prior to booking that cafe staff will be closing down the shop at 3pm, and that no food or drink will be available after that time.

All evening event requests will be handled on a case by case basis by the Sea Creatures event coordinator.


Buyouts will be handled on a case by case basis by the Sea Creatures events team. Last Minute Events: If a customer would like to use the space for a photo shoot, the cafe staff may sell the room at the $50 rate any time it is free during operating hours.

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